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Choosing a Labradoodle Breeder


It seems easy enough to start looking for that sweet, adorable puppy to add to the family.  We encourage you to make sure that they come from a good breeder in order to ensure they have had the best start on life possible.  In the world of search engines, the assortment of breeders can be overwhelming. A useful article is:

How to Find A Responsible Breeder.pdf (Published by the Humane Society of the United States)


In summary, we recommend you consider the following in your search:


  • The breeder should be focused on one, or two, dog breeds. This indicates that they are interested in the breed and are concentrating on them. They have a love for Labradoodles and will likely do the best they can to breed top quality dogs. 


  • A top concern for any ethical breeder should be the health of their dogs. The breeder s should be open and willing to share information about their breeding dogs and their health clearances and/or explain the health testing that all of their dogs receive before being bred. If your breeder is being secretive and unforthcoming with information, that could be reason for concern.


  • Do they breed the size Labradoodle you are looking for and do you like the look of the dogs and their offspring? Labradoodles can vary in size from 14 to 25 inches at shoulder and weigh 15-65 pounds. It will not matter if the breeder is wonderful if you do not want the size dogs they are breeding or you simply do not like the look of their dogs. 

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