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Guardian Homes

Why a Guardian Home?

All of our breeding dogs live in a forever family home from the time they are a puppy. Being committed to producing the highest quality Labradoodles, we believe our dogs thrive  while in the companionship of a loving home.  This includes raising our breeding labradoodles and their puppies in a home, not in a kennel. 

We believe that dogs make lifetime bonds with their family and that they deserve to stay with them.  For this reason, we are committed to keeping our dogs with their family and not re-homing them when they retire.  In order to maintain this standard while expanding our breeding program, our future breeding dogs are placed in qualified guardian homes when they are a few months old. 

What is a Guardian Family?

You can think of the guardian program essentially  as split ownership, where the dog is owned by the breeder during the breeding portion of their life and then owned by the Guardian Family after they retire. However, the dog lives full-time with the Guardian Family from the time they are a few months old, and only leaves for breeding periods.


There is a $500 refundable deposit for the program but no purchase charge for the puppy. You agree to follow the easy-to-follow conditions of the Guardian Home Agreement while the dog is actively in our breeding program. 


Most dogs start pre-breeding testing by the time they turn 1, and if they are successful through that process, participate the breeding program until 4-5 years of age. When the labradoodle is retired from breeding, we pay for spay or neutering and the deposit is refunded. Thereafter, ownership of the dog is fully transferred to you, and they continue their life with you.

Guardian Expectations

We are seeking Guardian families who: 

  • Live within a 3 hour drive of Denver, Colorado.

  • Have a fully secure fenced yard.

  • Are willing to feed  only quality food recommended by Rocky Mountain Labradoodles.

  • Complete training through the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program by the time the puppy is 2 years old.

  • Agree to the responsibilities of caring for a breeding dog.

  • Are wiling to return the dog to us during breeding (and whelping for the females). Don't worry, we'll send frequent updates to you while they are in our care!

  • Can be responsible for regular health and veterinary care including maintaining vaccinations.

  • Communicate freely with us about the health and condition of the dog.


Benefits of Being a Guardian Home

  • Your puppy is prioritized and is selected by us as first pick from the litter. 

  • Significant cost savings vs. purchasing a puppy.

  • While you're away on vacation, whenever possible, we will personally care for your dog to ensure they are comfortable staying with us. You can relax knowing that they're receiving great care.

  • We'll pay for the cost of the spay or neuter when the dog is retired from breeding.

  • Breeding dogs are given additional health tests, the results of which we will share with you.

  • Guardian families receive a discount on the price of a future puppy if desired.

  • You provide a breeding dog a family for LIFE so they never have to experience life in a kennel or being re-homed after they are retired.

If you're interested in learning more about Guardian Homes,
we do ha
ve puppies available immediately

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