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Puppy Testimonials

We've given puppies to many many families over the years, doing our best to ensure that they have everything they could possibly need to raise their pups. Select updates that we have received from families are below. 

            I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how              our blue boy, Tycho, is doing and say thank you! He’s                adorable, happy, and playful. We couldn’t have asked              for a better puppy! Between Tom taking him to work                  and me playing with him after work, he’s pretty                            spoiled and always loved. Even though he always                      gets attention, he does well on his own when we                        leave the house once in a while. Now that he’s lost                    almost all of his teeth (only one canine left!) he’s much              less bitey and nippy, which we’re happy for.


            He listens to and knows come, no, sit, shake, down,                    lets go to work, lets go potty, and give Mom kisses! So              far, he’s picked things up quickly and easily! Running around outside and playing fetch is one of his favorite things, as is curling up in our laps to take a nap! He’s getting pretty big, about 20 lbs. now and his legs are unbelievably long! Though, I’m pretty sure he will forever think he’s a lap dog. He is starting to look like his real daddy, Max and older siblings. I think he understands that when we say “Mom and Dad”, he knows it’s me and Tom. I told him he looked like his Dad a few days ago and he looked right at Tom and cocked his head. It was adorable! Again, thank you SO much for our wonderful puppy! We love and adore him!


-Annie and Tom



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